Insurance Act update with David Hertzell and Alistair Kinley

It has been six months since the Law Commission’s reforms to commercial insurance law was enacted. Since then, BLM’s Consultant, David Hertzell, together with a number of BLM partners, have been asked for their views on the likely impact of the change in the Law that is going to apply to all commercial policies incepted or renewed from 12 August 2016. BLM exhibited at both BIBA and Airmic Conferences where David also had the opportunity to make a presentation. BLM is very pleased to be able to produce the attached short interview which captures the wide feedback and advice from BLM on this subject. As the Law Commissioner who steered the changes through Parliament, David brings a unique insight into the early stages of implementation of the new law and how stakeholders are preparing themselves in the placement of risk.

Written by Terry Renouf, partner

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