Amazon Dash – the answer to a hectic life?

Today I read about a new Amazon product – “Amazon Dash”.  The article was accompanied by a photo of a bathroom, specifically focussing on a roll of toilet paper.  Intrigued I read on.  Far from the mental image this conjured up for me, the article was about a unique product which enables the user to hit, what I would term, a “panic button.”  This does not summon up a fully clad armed response team but rather a delivery of toilet rolls, dish washer powder or washing detergent, all within 24 hours.

Each Amazon Dash button is linked to a specific product and there are (according to the article) 150 products available.  The user purchases the button and away they go.  I am told this has worked well in the USA and is on its way to be launched in the UK.

Quite how popular this will be remains to be seen and what product liability risks are associated with its use appear fairly limited, although if things go wrong the user will be faced with the usual problem of unravelling the supply chain; is the product (the button) at fault, is it an IT glitch at the user’s end or is the supplier of the individual product at fault?   Much, I suspect, will be governed by contractual terms and conditions, albeit, whether the consumer actually reads and digests these or simply ticks the ‘yes’ box is another thing.   The products to be purchased in themselves appear innocuous, save that you may accidently end up with a year’s supply of toilet rolls rather than the 12 replacement ones you thought you were ordering or worse your delivery may not arrive in time if you suffer an IT glitch. 

Some may say this product is the epitome of laziness.  For me, it is a clever idea, not one I would necessarily embrace but in a rushed, hectic life, being able to hit a button to reorder essentials has its place and at the risk of sounding like an advertisement, if you ever find yourself caught short perhaps the Amazon Dash is for you.


Carys Oatham, partner, BLM

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