Can your voice reveal an illness?

With Amazon’s Echo and Echo Dot speaker systems amongst the most popular gifts under the Christmas tree last month, speech recognition and voice control has taken a big step closer to becoming mainstream. What would have appeared cutting edge technology only a few short years ago is now available to households everywhere, at consumer prices.  We can now control our homes using our voices.  Feeling a bit cold?  Ask Alexa to turn up the heating.  Shuffle your music, set an alarm, order groceries or consult the internet.  We can do all of this and more with our voices and now it seems that our voices can also help in diagnosing our symptoms and reveal if we have an illness.

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Life, but not as we know it – the future of healthcare

The fundamental change about to occur in the healthcare market is the shift in risk which will affect all aspects of life and health will be no exception.  History has shown that medicine has changed from a risky and hazardous patient experience to a professional and expertly managed process which has moved the outcome of success ever forwards. The fundamental relationship between  health professional and patient is one of trust and integrity. Taking the three main drivers of change this blog will demonstrate the new risks to healthcare.

Firstly, in other sectors, the impact of robotics and machine learning have altered the balance of manufacturing and logistics which are becoming increasingly automated. For example the decision by Foxconn, the main manufacturer of Apple’s iPhone to replace 500,000 production line workers with 1 million robots is case enough to see the emergence of an age of automation and machine based production.

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