Unlucky 13? – Damijan Vnuk

A good “spot” by Post magazine which has just published its Top 50 Power List for 2016. Amidst the Snowballs, Osbornes (yes: HM Chancellor of the Exchequer), Blancs, Beales and Tullochs we find the surprising and perhaps tongue-in-cheek nomination by Swifty and his team of Damijan Vnuk. Certainly the most influential farmhand since the Tolpuddle Martyrs perhaps and also coincidental that the Prime Minister is in Brussels today discussing the interaction of UK and European laws. Whether Mr Vnuk is aware of his influence not only on UK but many other European jurisdictions we do not know but the potential impact and difficulties that arise from the European Court of Justice (ECJ) judgment do justify his nomination at No 13 – not only in the UK but in Europe. Continue reading