When the wheels come off

“We are liable for everything the car is doing in autonomous mode… If you are not ready to make such a statement, you shouldn’t try to develop an autonomous system.” So says Håkan Samuelsson, CEO and President of Volvo. A confident statement, also made in similar terms by Google and Mercedes-Benz recently.

The adoption of such a conciliatory attitude could lead to prompt resolution of liability disputes when motor accidents occur, and save insurers substantial sums in settling claims and effecting prompt recovery of losses. But the road to hell (or, in this context, court) is paved with good intentions.

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Fast forward to the future

I think Marty McFly would be pleased to see that hoverboards are now fast becoming a reality in the UK. As we reach 21 October 2015, the date that McFly set in the DeLorean to arrive back to the future, it’s quite fitting that we are now seeing a large amount of media coverage on these devices. In recent weeks we have seen a flurry of news articles, social media posts and photos of celebrities riding hoverboards, rideables and Segways. Some with less than ideal consequences.

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